月yuè luna, mes

月亮 the moon  月台 railway platform     平时我们看到的月亮多数是弯月,所以“月”字最初像一轮新月( )高挂在天空。后来人们在这个字中间加进一笔( ),可能这一笔就是神话中的月桂树了。

As the moon spends more time in its waxing and waning stages than it does being full, the original pictograph月pictured a new moon hanging in the sky (  ). Later a vertical stroke was added inside the moon (  ) which was considered to indicate the baby tree as man imagined.

这个月 este mes 下个月 el próximo mes

九月septiempre  月饼 mooncake


3 thoughts on “月yuè luna, mes”

  1. 不久前,她香味在我的心里生下太阳的光了。


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