10 cultural shock of Chinese students in USA 中国留美学生十大文化震惊

1. Some sunblock is for tanning!有的防晒霜fángshàn shuāng是让你 安全晒黑hēi(black)的。

2. You should put back your fast food tray and throw the trash to trash can by yourself! (In China, waiters will do it for you)要自己zìjǐ(by yourself)清理自己的快餐盘。

3. Decent girls do hair removal!女孩子应该脱毛tuōmáo。

4. Don’t hold hand with same gender best friends!不要bú yào(don’t)和同性好朋友hǎo péngyǒu(good friends)手拉手。

5. Number 4 and 7 are written differently.四和七写法不一样。

6. Check boxes are ticked in differently ways. 填表选项方式不一样bù yí yàng (different/differently)。

7. There is paper in public toilets!公共卫生间wèi shāng jiān(toilet)里有纸zhǐ(paper)。

8. Some students might invite you to try marihuana! 有的学生可能会邀请你试试shìshi (try)大麻烟。

9. Tips are expected! 应该给小费xiǎofèi(tips)。

10. There is always ice water but not hot water in restaurant! 餐厅里都是冰水bīngshuǐ(ice water)没有热水rèshuǐ(hot water)。

Teaching idea: to lower the listening comprehension difficulty for beginners,   teacher could ask students to match the printed paper slip with audio clip parts. Comprehension based activity is the key.


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